Jan Little is a Canadian artist known for her whimsical paintings and illustrations of local flora, fauna, and friends. A graduate of Emily Carr University’s film animation department, she has spent the last several years expanding her art practice to include several mediums and practices, including commercial illustration, design, painting, sculpture, and dance. Her work seeks to reveal the reality as she knows it in the beautiful and funny world she sees herself in.

“Whether the piece is playful, or studious, the focus of my art practice now is learning to be honest; to create something that truly describes my experience of/with the subject; to challenge myself to capture that which is meaningful to me; to not settle. Painting a portrait, for example, is an intense scrutiny of a person, each glaze or brushstroke is a search for clues as to how that person or animal’s character is revealed. Painting is a way for me to not just closely examine my subject, whether it is a person, animal, landscape, or object, but to figure out how to share my findings with the viewer as accurately as I can -- an accuracy according to my own truths."

Follow her on Facebook at Jan Little Art and visit her website at www.janlittle.ca. It's so important to support local artists during this time if you are able to. Go and show her some love!



Here's a neat video about the process of making linocut prints: