Joseph-Richard Veilleux creates topographical fragments inspired by the world around him, his memory, and his inner self. Veilleux's artwork includes both oil and acrylic pictorial works, travel logs, and artist notebooks. His personal treasures allow us to access his mind and soul and to peek into his private world. Although his use of architectural forms has a structural significance, it also serves as a color palette: subtle, sometimes soft, and other times bold.

In addition to being fascinated by the notions of elsewhere and nowhere, Joseph-Richard Veilleux is also interested in the juxtaposition of instinct and divinity. An artist on a constant quest to find “impressions," he explores the visible boundaries of landscapes. Drawing from real life events, his work attempts to capture elusive moments and create an emotional connection between the viewer and the artist’s state of mind at the moment of inspiration. This intention is also demonstrated through form and organic composition; mechanical and vibrant dashes of colour are projected onto solid forms, reminiscent of the imprint reality has on the imagination.

Transitioning from one state to another, from the visible to the invisible, the work of Veilleux reveals that he is conscious of that which is invisible to the naked eye; he unlocks the door to the obscure universe and urges receptive observers and audiences to enter.



Since we are focussing on one colour today, here are some blue-themed videos for you to enjoy: