Unleash the natural fibre artist in you and come learn how to weave you very own willow Quail! During this 4 hour workshop you will learn some of the fundamentals of sculpture including armature building and weaving. All supplies and light refreshments included.

Annabel Stanley was born and brought up in England in the late 60s. She has had a career in Horticulture, Viticulture, and Floristry. She lived in the Wairarapa in New Zealand for 12 years and during this time she began weaving with the local willow, dog wood, moss, grape vines and other fibres to give a vibrant and natural effect.

Annabel, Grant, and their son Francis relocated to the Okanagan in 2003. They purchased their own vineyard in 2005 which is the source for Annabel’s weaving materials and she has continued with her art, when not working in the vineyard. Annabel weaves sculptures, baskets, and many other designs for commissions and retail sales. She teaches workshops so she can share her many years of experience with adults and children.

April 18th, 2020     11:30am– 3:30pm
Quail Weaving Workshop

Single Workshop Ticket  $80 Members  |  $85 Non-Members